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IOS Games
Gravity Waves Apple Watch Game (sponsor):
Become an Astronaut Dive into the pixel world of a lonely astronaut trapped in space. Gravity Waves is one of the best available games for Apple Watch. Collect bonuses, avoid meteors, defeat UFOs and beat new records!

The game was also mentioned on Youtube as one of the best game for Apple Watch 2020 starting at time 5:20

Gravity Waves

Drop In (sponsor)
Jump over the obstacles and fall through all the rings. Thanks to simple, easy to learn one finger controls, awesome visual effects and addictive gameplay you will find yourself super satisfied. Do you have what it takes to reach the inner circle? Let's find out! Play now for free!

Drop in

Companies accepting cryptocurrency through MicroWallet:
NOHO Modern was founded in 2002 with the purpose of promoting historical and contemporary art and design, while eschewing the traditional conceptual borders between them. Through museum-quality exhibitions of of such artists and designers as Jean Claude Wouters, June Harwood, Zanini de Zanine, James Prestini, and Robert Hansen, NOHO Modern aims to show under-represented but well-respected artists and designers that refuse to fit into pre-fabricated categories. NOHO Modern is owned and operated by Jeremy Petty.

The American Face Mask Company
The American Face Mask Company sells cotton and polyester face masks and accessories to fight Covid-19 spread. A portion of all sales go to an organization giving back in the USA