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This plug-in requires you to be using wordpress. Please note - This is in BETA and not guaranteed yet! Use at your own risk. We are building the official plug-in currently and will notify our users when released.

Build your own wordpress store, generate revenue and manage & spend cryptocurrency with microwallet.co!

Accept payments using cryptocurrency using our plug-in for Wordpress. We’ve simplified it and made it easy for the average person to accept crypto on their ecommerce site? You can now set up and receive/send crypto funds instantly! With the Microwallet wordpress plug-in users can get paid in cryptocurrency with ease at no cost. The Microwallet wordpress plug-in handles the payment gateway from your site to your microwallet.
(*) You see your payments in your wallet.
(*) No more high fees and monthly costs.
(*) Microwallet takes 1% ONLY upon withdrawal.

That's it! We offer the lowest fees around for your cryptocurrency payment solution!

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