Merchant Benefits

Take immediate advantage of Low fees for withdrawals, exchange, and payments using the Microwallet API. Our services accurately address the ability for everyday e-commerce and consumers to easily buy, sell, store and share cryptocurrency at a low cost and minimal time.

Choose a plan for your needs


Merchants can take advantage of 4-Tier memberships

  1. Basic (1% Withdrawals Fee – Withdrawals API access 50k requests)
  2. Pro $99 (1% Withdrawals Fee – Withdrawals API access 500k requests )
  3. Enterprise $399 (.05% Withdrawals Fee –API access unlimited)
  4. Custom Solutions
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Authorization and Security

Authentication system to enable ONLY authorized apps to make checkouts. This allows MW to directly communicate with the application/website and is a security measure to create requests only from verified/authorized applications. Allows ability to keep track of all applications activated and eventually discover possible bugs or leaks in a limited environment.

Operational system for checkouts

A focus on most common types of deposits that allow 1. Fixed amount: a new cryptocurrency address will be generated for each checkout. 2. Dynamic amount: where the address will be generated per single user where they can make any number of deposits to that address. Depending on the type of the service, merchants can use fixed value (e-commerce) or dynamic value (all websites using balance for something). Whichever service they choose, and firstly focusing on the most common types of deposits.

Accepting payments

Ability to pay directly to the cryptocurrency address (QR code) or log directly into MW account and pay from a calculated internal balance. Merchants can register apps from the user panel which will generate a public and a private key. A unique deposit address is generated per user allowing the new user address to be credited automatically. Also, the API allows for both receiving and sending money to/from merchants/users (such as a referral commission) using the same API, with 1 or many withdrawals allowed and integrated together.

Notifying merchant (IPN)

Uses a built in IPN system to notify the website once the transaction is made (detecting failed and/or confirmed transactions). Two main processes 1. Merchant website sends a request to the MW server to generate an address. Payment is made to any of those addresses and MW notifies the merchant. (This requires the merchant to send a user identifier so that we can link the merchant app with the user) 2. Merchant sends a request to create a checkout, it will generate an address and we will update the merchant similarly and expires in 60 minutes.


Users can choose between available cryptocurrency and can use the exchange from MW to personal wallet or from personal to MW.


MW has a convenient membership system in which the merchant pays for a monthly subscription for the service without any limitation in numbers. Users and members will have the ability to process transactions in any amount on our website at MW(.co). MW(.co) charges a very competitive fee (%) for all incoming transactions to the merchant account. At this time there are no fees for incoming transitions but as we grow this is subject to change.


MW automatically deducts the appropriate blockchain transaction fee based on the size of the transaction and the level of network activity at the time. Infura is used to mitigate ETH Node expansion costs incurred to MW. This service API records the MW transactions from a defined address, so instead of having all nodes and all transactions, MW gets the postback from Infura and automatically MW credit users on their account.


We have unique marketing skill sets that enable us to attract new customers at a low cost. Offerwalls and affiliate programs available.