Simplex Partnership

To support the simplest purchase of cryptocurrency, we have an exciting announcement to make! We recently incorporated the ability to purchase cryptocurrency directly in microwallet using our partner Simplex.

Microwallet’s First official partnership with crypto payment provider Simplex. We at Microwallet are excited about this long-term relationship with Simplex to provide easy-to-use crypto buying and selling on our platform. Our partnership with Simplex ensures that the users are empowered to enter the crypto world with known players in the fiat/crypto world. Learn more about Simplex and how this partnership would ensure the smoothest experience for Microwallet users.
What is Simplex?
Simplex is a licensed financial institution that helps its partners to accept a wide range of payment options like VISA, MasterCard, ApplePay, and more.
It removes the barriers to entry to the cryptocurrency world by allowing you to purchase crypto using gateways/means that are already most familiar to you.
Why did we choose Simplex?
Simplex supports over 50+ cryptocurrencies, 50+ fiat currencies, and over 350 current partners, Simplex was an obvious choice for us as it is fast, efficient, and familiar to users across the globe. Here are some of the advantages that put Simplex ahead of the race than its other competitors: As stated in Simplex’s website;
“There are no risks, rolling reserves, or security incidents associated with Simplex.”
It provides the best conversion rates and, there are multiple acquiring solutions available with Simplex.

Support for additional cryptocurrencies is constantly being rolled out ensuring that the users have access to the latest innovations. Simplex is a powerful ally and a great technical partner, with a strong reputation for being a user-first product, which will allow Microwallet consumers to experience 100% fraudless transactions. They bring a lot of value and experience to the project. They will support Microwallet’s long-term growth through their relationships with other key industry projects, access to various geographies, idea generation, and a vast user base.