About Us
The Company
We are a small user-focused US based company with the goal to provide a trusted and simple-to-use platform for accessing the broader blockchain economy.

Starting in 2019, Microwallet (MW) has helped new cryptocurrency users, marginalized populations, and all types of crypto holders take advantage of current advanced cryptocurrency features. Our objective is to support mainstream blockchain and digital currency adoption in the U.S. and around the world. We are building a community of MW users, merchants, and e-commerce to foster financial inclusion and broaden talent and creativity.

Microwallet is composed of a team of experienced and knowledgeable blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, technology experts and artists. We work to improve upon the existing crypto exchange paradigms that exist today. MW aims to educate the masses from all around the world about cryptocurrency.

MW is a legally compliant wallet and exchange with a growing loyalty program supporting cryptocurrency users and merchants/ecommerce at scale.

Registered by FinCEN,(MSB Registration Number: 31000182860968) Microwallet is trusted and credible in the eyes of users, regulators and the traditional financial system. With credibility comes trust and with trust comes a fresh flow of investments into crypto businesses.

We will continue to bring many new features and capabilities for crypto holders as we continue to expand access to digital currency services with a vision to strengthen financial transparency.

Help us work towards a brand new cryptocurrency and blockchain experience from beginning to end.

Please bear with us as we work to make changes leading up to a relaunch - More to come from the Microwallet Team!

Team Members bios forthcoming!